I met my now husband way back in primary school, high school sweet hearts he is my biggest fan and my strongest critic! He has always encouraged and supported my creative career and I wouldn't be where I’m today without him.  After many happy years of just the two of us, we now have two beautiful daughters, which has opened my eyes to how precious every moment is with them. In a blink of an eye they are all grown up! We moved to Bellingen in January 2016 and this is it, our forever place, and a place to call home! We are so blessed to have found such a magical spot here on the Coffs Coast.

A little bit about Three Links Photography. The name was originally based on the Triangular theory of love: passion, intimacy and commitment. But I have grown to realise it also encapsulates elements of me- I’m a Photographer, I’m a Graphic Designer, and most importantly I’m a Mum! Three amazing jobs and I hold each of them very close to my heart.


So obviously my favourite things are my Canon camers and beautiful lenses that allow me to capture those precious moments in people's lives. My favourite images include the look on the groom's face, as he sees his bride walking towards him; tender moments of new mums and dads looking at their biggest achievement together - a sleepy smile, and genuine laughter. I love what I do! Photography is such a special way to connect with people and give them happy memories to last a life time.


Personally speaking right here with my family on our farm in Bellingen is my absolute favourite place to be as home is where the heart is! So to me my favourite place to take photos are the places that mean the most to you: home, a stunning location, where you had your first kiss or a place that reminds you of a wonderful childhood memory. Alternatively it is a location that will become a special place, somewhere you have never been before and you will look back and remember what a fun time we had. Everyone's story is different and unique!